22 February 2018

Thank you

Dear blog readers.
As you have noticed I do not use my blog any more.
There are other places such as Facebook and Instagram were I publish what I make or do.
I like to thank you very much for all the years we spent together in this internet world and for alle the comments you have written in the past.
I wish you all the best.

My Facebook account is Ati Sas-Ham and you can find me on Instagram as Malinaplass.
I still have my Flickr account and sometimes I put some photos there too.

26 December 2017

Christmas, wintertime

A day too late but to all my readers Merry Christmas.
Here are two of my new mix-media items. They are on canvas and the size is 30 cm square. I have used parts of very old postcards in it which I got from my brother-in-law.
I take a class from Laly Mille and enjoy it very much and I learn a lot about layers and light.

24 November 2017

new work

Here are some pictures from new work. Most photos are on Instagram, accountname: malinaplass.
altered book cover with powertex.

acryl painting, mix-media 20x25 cm.

"soulboard"30x40 cm.

05 October 2017

Updates Wanderlust class

Acryl on canvas 50x60 cm

A4 on watercolor paper, acryl paint and uniball pens.

A4 acryl paint

A4 watercolor paint

A4 collage from home made papers.

26 May 2017

Wanderlust class

Again a few photo's of the lessons of the Wanderlust 2017 class I follow.
silhouette acryl paint.

silhouette acryl paint

patchwork play, acryl paint, stamps, washi tape.

18 May 2017


my first work from an online class from Finnabair.
Amazing what you can do with old buttons and other rubbish :-)
Size A5

Result workshop at Wel-creatief in Middenmeer. www.wel-creatief.nl  20x20 cm, 8"square

updates Wanderlust class

Background made in week 19 of the Wanderlust class

final product of week 19 Wanderlust class, it's called patchwork play.

17 April 2017

painting weekend

This easter weekend I painted two lessons of the Wanderlust 2017 class. The first one is a little mermaid, it is in a large old book 22x29 cm, acryl paint.
I didn't get the photo good enough, I am sorry, the colors are much better in real. This was on saturday and sunday.

Today monday I did the lesson of week 14 from Jessica Sporn.
This is on watercolor paper 20x25 cm. Acryl paint and paper pieces.
I call it "you never walk alone".

15 April 2017

happy Easter

I wish you all a happy and peaceful Easter weekend.
I am making cards for #diypostcardswap .
I made gelliplate prints with leaves from outside which I found along the road.
After that I did some stamping and a bit scribling or drawing with watercolor pencils.
Now I have to print backsides and glue them on and wait for addresses. The deadline is April 24. If you think you like to join click on the label of iHanna in the sidebar.

12 April 2017

altered book cover

at least I covered the large book with collages.

page in the large book. (Lente means Spring)

26 March 2017

altered book pages

 Those two pages are in a normal size book. I made them a while ago.

Below a book cover which I made in a workshop of AVE art school last week. We got a used old book and started with the cover to altered it.
My cover became a bit creepy. I didn't see that while working on it but realized that much later. The next day I decided to dedicate this book to all the people which I loved and have past away.
Below the cover is the double page dedicated to my grandmother which died after I got married. Unfortunately she died just a few months before I got my first baby.
cover of an extra large book

double page made in the large book

19 March 2017


Down memory lane. March 19, 1964.
Collage in old book.

15 March 2017

some paint and print

Wanderlust 2017 lessons week 9 and 10 with a twist from me.
This first one has also gold glimmer mist spray what is not good to photograph. sorry.
intuitive painting and painted paper 20x25 cm

background gelli print and stamping 18x24 cm

the art of layering 20x25 cm
This last one was fun to do. Use one shape on different materials and use a little piece of everything. I made circles on four grids.

22 February 2017

playing around

"listen...I am sorry".
 Above and below are old photo's which I copied. Glued on a background made with paint, papers and stamps on watercolor paper. 18x28 cm.
"just call me".

makes me a bit sad
Those two are in an old book.

my mother 2 years old.

15 February 2017

A few collages

The past week I did a workshop lesson and some collage
work just because I like to do that.
gelli plate background.

collage on gelliplate background.

lesson 6 workshop. Wanderlust 2017

04 February 2017

paint and glue

As you know I am in a class called Wanderlust. We get new ideas every week on friday. Not always I am in the mood to do something with it but the last days the paint and the glue have been in action ;-)
made for a class on watercolorpaper

collage in old book

26 January 2017

No paint this week

This week I made a new table runner for my dining table. After the Christmas things were put in the boxes again I needed a table runner between Christmas and Easter.
It is made after the method 'disappearing nine patch'.
I made it from leftovers from earlier projects. Many different fabrics which I like together, a little bit Spring in the air ;-)
size: 140x60 cm.
 After the table runner was ready I decided that I needed some mug-rugs too which would go in colors with my nap-rug :-D
Now back to the painting table!

15 January 2017

week2 Wanderlust class

Week two of the Wanderlust class was an adventure for me. We made many layers with papers and paint. While listening to my favorite Irish music I was happy, sad, tired and disapointed and happy again. I think I made 8 layers before I had a result I liked. Making layers was the meaning of this lesson.
Here are a few pictures from different stages and the end result.
It is on 20x25 cm ( 8x10") watercolor paper which was not thick enough but...but...
I think I will buy a bigger square canvas next week and try it again.
Do you know when you click on a photo that you can see it larger?
stage 1, 2 , 4 and 6

13 January 2017

some art journal pages

Recently I joined a class called Wanderlust 2017 from Everything Art. It has started last week. The first lesson was making a statement for this year of Wanderlust classes.
I made a page on watercolor paper 20x25 cm.
I told myself "be brave" and enjoy this year of experiments.

And because I have all the paint and other things on my table I made a double page in my old book as well.
acryl paint,stamp, ink,papers, glimmer mist spray.

10 January 2017

in altered book

Acryl paint and some pictures from magazines.
made right after Christnas.

collage and quote.