30 July 2006

An other Grandmother's

Yesterday I made a Grandmother's heart again. I still have some pieces from her nightgown and napkins.
I have added 2 buttons from old pillowcases too.
The embroidery is modest again, I will not "disturb" the delicate fabric so much.

25 July 2006

Swapped hearts

All the hearts I have swapped so far are on the Flickr. page in the album swapped hearts.
The hearts I have received from the other lady's are in the album received hearts.
Just give a click on the title swapped hearts!

24 July 2006

The last blue one.....

For now, this is the last blue heart.
My first serious attempt for SRE.
And a home made siggie.
The heart has the name: Hello, I fly !

23 July 2006

An other blue

Today I finished the fifth blue heart, the shells are from an old neckless. I got that from an uncle at the time I was a little child. He bought the neckless in Aden, A town on the shore of the Red Sea in the middle east. I never wore the neckless the last 30 years, so I decided to use those pretty tiny shells for the hearts.
One more blue heart to go....

19 July 2006

Item blue......

Here are 3 more hearts from the blue item I sew.
There are 2 "naked"ones on my sewing table too, so I never now what comes out with them....

15 July 2006

Stamp From France

Today I made a new heart, with new colors, blue.
This one has a print in the middle, I made the siggie myself.
A stamp from France, it is a painting from Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and I like its colors.
I did some silk embroidery too, my first attempt on the SRE way.......

14 July 2006

the last 2 birds.........

For now I have made the last 2 birds, I think about an other topic....

Another winter bird

Yesterday I finished another winterbird, peeking to the berries........

11 July 2006

Birds for Wilma

A few minuts ago I have finished birds 4. It is made for Wilma in the Netherlands. Swapping goes on.....

10 July 2006

More Grandmother's hearts

Today I have made 2 hearts from old fabric and old lace from my grandmothers night-gown.
Old napkins and very old buttons.
I like them myself, it brings back memory's from my childhood.......

09 July 2006

Birds 3

Today I have made Birds 3. It is a brave little bird that flys around our house the whole winter. It has a little vertical tail, they are so cute.
I made some snowflakes too, :-)) on the 9th of July !!

08 July 2006

three blocks gone.........

O my, O my, I have to sew and embroider faster :-))
The 2 birdblocks are flown away, one to Maureen in Australia and the other one to Norma in the USA.
One of the grandmothers goes to Hideko in Japan .
So off to work now..... ;-)

07 July 2006

Birds 2

Here is my 2nd bird heart.

06 July 2006

first heart swapped

The second heart I made goes to Japan!
Hideko liked it, the one with the old pearl buttons on it.
So I have to sew more......

04 July 2006

This is number 3. Birds 1. I am in the mood to make more birds hearts........

Now my 3 first hearsts are ready, number 1 and 2 I have made them from very old fabric. I called them "grandmothers".