31 August 2006

Flowers and secret blocks

Because I am not allowed to show some photos from what i am sewing, I'll post some photos from one of my favorite flowers in our garden.
They are so delicate and i like those colors so much, all the shades of pink. From dark magenta to almost white.
I stitch and embellish four block from a swap called "half on half swap".
I sewed 2 blocks half pink, half purple and 2 blocks half red, half blue.
I received 4 blocks back to embellish.
But we are not allowed to show them because it is a contest too.
So, you have to wait a month or so and I publish what I have done on 4 blocks for quilt-friends in this group.

26 August 2006


All the birds I made for swapping are flown to an other country.
I decided to make a few more.
Maybe they will stay a little longer at my place.
Just now I don't see them in the garden but during the winter this species fly around the house.

23 August 2006

A new crazy block

This block is made for Beverly Ann.
She is making a crazy quilt with the theme "Orient".
I have added some Japanese looking flowers.
In the lower left corner I have made flowers which I have copied from the heart Hideko made for me.
I think they turned out pretty well.

15 August 2006

Last picture bauble bag

This is the last picture from the bag, you have to scroll down to see them all.

Paisley bauble bag

Last week I was busy to create a paisley bauble bag. I didn't now what it was but mine turned out this way.
It is a typical crazy patchwork bag, the measure is 7" high and the bottom has a diameter 5".
It is a "lottery" swap project in the newbies group.
There were not many rules, the only one was that you must have a paisley motif on it.
I think it's turned out rather pretty.

the music goes on......

This is the fifth Betty, I hope I can swap it with a Betty Boop fan.
Two more to embroider.

08 August 2006

Between the Betty Boops a Fairy........

I made a dragon fairy today for having an alternation.
I have made the ciggy myself.
Not too bad I think.

06 August 2006

the little Mermaid

This heart is made for a little girl in Australia, Tayla.
Her mother makes the most beautiful hearts and Tayla has sewn her firsts hearts too.
The little mermaid is made to encourage her.
It is a gift because I have got such a beautiful heart from her Mom.

05 August 2006

Glamorous Betty......

Today I have made Betty number 4.
Betty wearing a evening gown with pearls and a little Cupid.
Isn't she adorable?
Today I received in the mail an other beautiful heart.
You can see them in the album "Received Hearts" on this link

Betty Boop number 3

I thought this one could have some fancies, she is dancing on the music........

03 August 2006

A new item...

Now I have started a new item.
I have made 6 different ciggies with Betty Boop.
This are the first two.
Isn't she cute?