23 August 2006

A new crazy block

This block is made for Beverly Ann.
She is making a crazy quilt with the theme "Orient".
I have added some Japanese looking flowers.
In the lower left corner I have made flowers which I have copied from the heart Hideko made for me.
I think they turned out pretty well.


Gerry said...

Ati, I love the new look of your blog spot. This block is just beautiful. I look forward to the day that I can do such delicate work. I'm also in awe of all of your hearts. Goodness woman! I better get busy, busy. LOL. Gerry

Susan said...

Ati, the links are great! The blog looks very clean and fresh. I love the flowers you did on this piece for Beverly Ann, too.

Jo in NZ said...

Ati, you dsrk horse, I didn't know you had started a blog.
Lovely block you have worked on here.