20 September 2006

Two more tea time blocks

Here are the last two blocks for the tea time swap. Honestly I have made one of those two for a present to a special lady and the other one I like to keep that myself, but........ it is made for swapping, so it will fly away some day.
The wooden heart buttons are hand made in Norway.
The piece of bobbin lace in the upper left corner on the purple/pink block is made by me.

Tea Time blocks

Here are 4 of my tea time blocks, made for swapping in the COH group.
With every block follows a recipe for a tea time treatment.
That's the game.
The blocks are 6 inch.
They must have a heart on the block.

18 September 2006

Vic. Roses # 3

This is block 3.

The piece of tulle lace on the top is a try out piece made by me, several years ago.

From 1980 until 1990, before I started quilting, I made a lot of bobbin lace.

I made many try out pieces, never threw them away and now I decided to sew those little pieces on this quilt.

In my opinion it matches very good in the theme Victorian Roses.

15 September 2006

Two Victorian Roses blocks

Here are block one and two and a detail from block two. The piece of silver/gold bobbin lace is made by me.
The two white circles are old made by my Grandma.
On block one I also used band what comes from my grandma's sewing box.
The 3 little mother of pearl buttons are old too.
I love those buttons, they have a delicate lustre.
It is a pleasure to work with those colors and add old things who are made by a women I loved.
There are more of those "tryout"pieces of crochet lace in the old sewing box, I will use them all on this little quilt. My eldest daughter has already "claimed" it, but I hope she have to wait many years to inherit it.

Box mania 1999

Many years ago I had a box mania ;-))
This magazine box was made at that period.
Of course there were leftovers from the fabric.
It looks so nice but I didn't now what to do with that little piece.
For a few months ago I new.
It was enough to cut out 12 flowers and I started to sew crazy blocks with a rose in the middle.
For now I have 9 blocks sewn and have embellished two.
I am very pleased with the result.

13 September 2006

Almost Autumn

Hurray, I have finished the half on half blocks. The black/white was very difficult for me.
I don't like black/white fabric and I don't like black at all.
But it turned out pretty well, ha, I say it myself, because nobody can leave a comment . It is still not allowed to show the blocks.
So I took a pretty photo from berries in our garden. The birds like them, it is their winter food. The tree is so nice now with those bright colors.
There are many of those tree in our surrounding, the birds spread them when they eat the berries with the seeds in it. Now they grow along the roads in our part of the country.

10 September 2006


Because it is not allowed to show the blocks for the Tea Time swap from my group COH, I'll let you see a few details of what I 've done so far.
I have made 6 block's for the Tea Time, 5 for swapping and one for a present to a special person.
I also have finished 3 of 4 blocks from the half on Half swap from the Newbies group.
I am still struggling with the block without colors. gggggggrrrr.
Nothing for me, those non color colors.

05 September 2006

A few birds ready for exchange

Here are 3 more birds which I have finished the past two days.
I like to do those little things, the seams are short and I use my fantasy with the colors, embroidery and beads.

02 September 2006

Birds again.....

Yesterday, my DH was fishing the whole day with the neighbour, so I sat in my sewing-room and have created several hearts.
Two of them I have finished and already this morning one of them is spoken for by Zandra in the States.
All the bird seems to fly away as soon I have them finished.
That's why birds have wings,
I suppose ? :-))