10 September 2006


Because it is not allowed to show the blocks for the Tea Time swap from my group COH, I'll let you see a few details of what I 've done so far.
I have made 6 block's for the Tea Time, 5 for swapping and one for a present to a special person.
I also have finished 3 of 4 blocks from the half on Half swap from the Newbies group.
I am still struggling with the block without colors. gggggggrrrr.
Nothing for me, those non color colors.


Esteemarlu said...

Your work is amazing and so beautiful. You should be very proud of yourself. I am a big fan of Betty Boop so I just love that heart. The birds are so precious. If I had your talent I would make a baby girl quilt with all bird hearts. I have put your link on my site. Hope you don't mind.

wilma said...

Ati, thanks for giving a peek on your Teatime blocks, think they will be wonderful, just like all your work! Still thinking about joining this swap, but where do I find the time for it? Hugs, WILMA

pat winter said...

Ati, your work is beautiful. I am so happy to have a bit of it. Love your site. Very refreshing!