20 September 2006

Two more tea time blocks

Here are the last two blocks for the tea time swap. Honestly I have made one of those two for a present to a special lady and the other one I like to keep that myself, but........ it is made for swapping, so it will fly away some day.
The wooden heart buttons are hand made in Norway.
The piece of bobbin lace in the upper left corner on the purple/pink block is made by me.


Bhavani said...

You have started a lovely blog. I love your bird hearts

Wishing you and your family good health and cheer

Nina In Norway said...

Hei Hei
Såå masse lekkert.
All of your block are soooo beautiful! Just adorable!
Keep up the lovely work.

seoulsisterstevens said...

Ay yi yi- your blocks are lovely. And I can't help but comment about the bobbin lace. What a wonderful hobby you have. I tried my hand at bobbin lace and even made my own pillow which was a huge chore! I think I needed an instructor and finally gave my pillow away to a lady who did bobbin lace when we were getting ready to move to Korea. If I ever find an instructor I would love to try it.

Just beautiful.


barbara ac said...

You choose such lovely colour groupings Ati, and interesting fabrics.