29 October 2006

Fairy # 3

Here is the fairy I finished today.
The spiderweb is silver thread and the spider himself is made from 3 little beads.
The colors are a little darker in real.
I had to take the photo with flashlight indoors.

28 October 2006


In the CoH group where I am a member, the ladies are still asking for more hearts.
In the summer I ' ve printed a cotton sheet with fairy's.
Now I made them into hearts.
This are the first two.
The left one is already flewn away to Cobi in the Netherlands.
I hope I will have time tomorrow to embellish two more.

24 October 2006

The last two Betty's

For two weeks ago I got a request for another Betty Boop.
One of the lady's from the Chains of Hearts group would like to have one.
Those two images were still on my sewing table so I made them into hearts.
The lady has chosen Betty with the palmtree.
There is now one left with the SRE stemstitch roses. Is there a Betty Boop fan who likes to have the last one I made?

21 October 2006

A quiltblock for a friend

A while ago I made this block for a quilt-friend as a thank you gift.
She has introduced me in a quilt-group in our village.
I appreciate that very much.
She also was the person who told me about quilt-groups on the net.
And that was a whole new world for me. As you now I am pretty much involved now ;-))
She introduced me also in a round robin, we have
8 women in this RR.
Every member has her own theme. Her theme is "Summertime when the living is easy....".
And she herself plays the saxophone.
I was able with help from a friendly person in the Netherlands to get the music from that song written for saxophone.
I made a 8 inch block for her to compare with her other blocks from the round robin.

18 October 2006

Bird # 15

This bird is made on request.
It is for my friend Margreet in the Netherlands.
She likes the little bird that we have in our gardens during the winter.
She collect and sews hearts too.
I have got from her a very nice heart with crochet butterflies on it.
You can see it on my flickr page.


13 October 2006

Around the Block

A few days ago Susan sent me a mail, she asked me if I would like it to be a member of a group.
Lady's who have a blog about crazy quilting.
There are about 15 members now and they are all so skilled !
I feel honoured, thank you Susan for asking me.
The sign of the group is on my sidebar.
Enjoy looking on the members blogs !

11 October 2006

Vic. Roses #4

This is the fourth block for the Victorian Roses wall quilt.
Again I have added a piece of bobbin-lace made by myself.
It is the lower right piece. On the photo you cannot see the colors right, but it is made from 3 colors DMC 80.
I have added beads and a ladybird button and one red pearl button.
The piece of lace on the top comes from my mothers sewing-box.