29 October 2006

Fairy # 3

Here is the fairy I finished today.
The spiderweb is silver thread and the spider himself is made from 3 little beads.
The colors are a little darker in real.
I had to take the photo with flashlight indoors.


Gerry said...

Ati, the fairy fabric is beautiful. Nice choice using the batiks with it. The spider web and little spider are a great touch, too. :-)

JK said...

Hi Ati,

Again, I love those fae's! Also, you asked me what type of art pencils that you would use for something like FiFi. I only use the Prisma Color Pencils as they work beautifully on cloth. In my doll making days this is what I used when I did the faces. When working with any cloth material you need to coat and prep the area with Createx Medium. This will insure proper adherance of the pencils to the material so they will not rub off. The other thing I use is Prisma Blending Pencil which is a colorless pencil that blends the colors and softens the look. I am sure you can use any good quality art pencils, just make sure they can be used on cloth. Hope this helps.


Susan said...

I love the spider web. This is a beautiful heart - lucky someone who gets it.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your work:) Where did you find your Fairy prints to reproduce? They're adorable!