28 October 2006


In the CoH group where I am a member, the ladies are still asking for more hearts.
In the summer I ' ve printed a cotton sheet with fairy's.
Now I made them into hearts.
This are the first two.
The left one is already flewn away to Cobi in the Netherlands.
I hope I will have time tomorrow to embellish two more.


Susan said...

They are both very pretty. I imagine, as pretty as your hearts are, and as lovely as your seam treatments are, you're going to be making hearts for a long time. =) That's interesting thread on the one on the left. What is it? I like the feather stitching on the one on the right, too.

Nina In Norway said...

I love them. All 3.
It reminds me of I need to make new hearts. Your Fairy's ar gourgeous.

Anonymous said...

All very pretty...
love the colours and the seam treatments..