24 October 2006

The last two Betty's

For two weeks ago I got a request for another Betty Boop.
One of the lady's from the Chains of Hearts group would like to have one.
Those two images were still on my sewing table so I made them into hearts.
The lady has chosen Betty with the palmtree.
There is now one left with the SRE stemstitch roses. Is there a Betty Boop fan who likes to have the last one I made?


JK said...

Ati, these are adorable! I love the little palm tree. Is this made from Silk Ribbon? I have some Betty Boop material, but she is depicting something similar to "All That Jazz". She looks so cute with her top hat and little outfit on, and the background has musical notes and such. I really need to come up with something cute for her.

Susan said...

I suppose it would be very piggy of me to take another one, but if no one else asks, let me know. =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ati,

I think Betty w/the red roses is awesome! Very beautiful! I'd love to swap with you... But I'll have to get one ready for you. Awhile back I made about 6 of them... So far, I've only worked on one. One of those is a Betty Boop heart. I used the one motif you sent to me in my BD squishie. Also, most of the 6 hearts are a little on the larger size--measure about 9" across... So I'd have to trim them down to the 6 1/2 width size.... Just let me know if you're interested. 'Cause you know I'm crazy about Betty... (smile). Brenda