21 October 2006

A quiltblock for a friend

A while ago I made this block for a quilt-friend as a thank you gift.
She has introduced me in a quilt-group in our village.
I appreciate that very much.
She also was the person who told me about quilt-groups on the net.
And that was a whole new world for me. As you now I am pretty much involved now ;-))
She introduced me also in a round robin, we have
8 women in this RR.
Every member has her own theme. Her theme is "Summertime when the living is easy....".
And she herself plays the saxophone.
I was able with help from a friendly person in the Netherlands to get the music from that song written for saxophone.
I made a 8 inch block for her to compare with her other blocks from the round robin.


Anonymous said...

What a fun block!

Susan said...

This is fabulous, Ati! I love the way you did the sax and the music coming out of it. Great addition to her block!

JK said...

Hi Ati, first time I have had a chance to look at your blog in quite awhile. Your work darlin is wonderful as always! Glad to have you as a member of CQ For Newbies..


Nina In Norway said...

It is nice when frends shear theyr good expirience and let us into theyr environment. I love my quilting friends around the world. Including you.
Brilliant idea, and a nice look.