30 November 2006

more details,day and night quilt

details from day and night blocks

Here are some details photos of the embroidery I have done on the seems.
I got 7 blocks from a RR and made 2 myself, now I am sewing them together by hand, because of all the little beads near the seams. And make crazy stitches on the seams of course.
The spider is made from a earring bead from my daughters earring and two little black beads.

28 November 2006

online again

After 9 days without a internet connection I had a lot of time to sew ;-))
I finished several hearts and this two blocks for a round robin quilt.
A few weeks ago I have received 7 finished blocks back from this RR and one naked one.
So I had to embellish that one myself, the one with the old dragonfly brooch.
The block with the spider is the 9th block to complete the square.
I am busy to put them together now and will post some details soon.

12 November 2006

Vintage Hearts

The last days I have made some new hearts.
I call them "vintage" because of the old photo images I use.
I have the photos from internet and have printed them myself.
The first one is already gone to Maureen in Australia.

09 November 2006

A ruby wedding anniversary

On November 10th. have our friends in the Netherlands their ruby ( 40 years ) wedding anniversary.
Congratulations Geertje and KlaasJan !!
I have made a mini wall-quilt to them.Four blocks, for every 10 year one.
Many hearts to tell the love between them and a "ruby" in the centre to remember this day.
I used 3 of my TT blocks and made a fourth to complete the set.
It measures 18.5" square ( 47x47 cm.)

06 November 2006

Fairy # 4 and # 5

Here are fairy number four and five. The purple one is already spoken for by Renea.
Her favorite color is purple so the decision was easy for her.
There are more fairies on my sewing table, they come on this blog in a couple of days.

04 November 2006

Birthday gift

Today I have made a pincushion. It is a birthday gift to my secret birthday buddy ;-)
I found the pattern on Gerry's blog, thanks Gerry !
The roses are stem-stitch roses. I used 7mm silk ribbon.
I hope she likes it when she get it.

02 November 2006

The two other swap blocks

Here are the other two blocks which I had to embellish.
One pink/purple and one black/white.
Both ended on the 2nd place in their category. Also did the green/yellow.
The black/white one was difficult for me, I don't like black/white fabric.
Black and white are not colors in my opinion.
In a quilt they are the most difficult spots, they give a kind of hole in a quilt.
Except when the quilt is only black and white.

But I made the block B/W statisfying for me and I hope that Christy also will be happy with her block when she gets it.
The pink/purple block is sewn by Renea and she will receive that back.

01 November 2006

Voting is done....

Now the voting for the Half and Half blocks is finished, I can show the photos from the blocks I have embellished.
The meaning was, you had to sew a block f.e. half green, half yellow.
Then sent it to the swap-mom and she sent us the same amount of blocks back from other ladies.
I had to embellish those blocks and 2 more.
The embellishment has to be in the opposite color.
The pink/purple one won a prize for the best embellishment in the category pink/purple.
I am a proud member now ;-))