30 November 2006

details from day and night blocks

Here are some details photos of the embroidery I have done on the seems.
I got 7 blocks from a RR and made 2 myself, now I am sewing them together by hand, because of all the little beads near the seams. And make crazy stitches on the seams of course.
The spider is made from a earring bead from my daughters earring and two little black beads.


Lauri said...


I really like these blocks.I am very partial to these colors myself.Most of my blocks end up these colors.I really like your variety of stitches too. Great job!


Gerry said...

Ati, you do just simply beautiful needlework. These blocks are going to be such a treat when finished!

Virginia said...

Ati, it is beautiful!!!!
I love it!

Nina In Norway said...

Beautiful, You do nice work.
...And now I am back into CQFNewbies.