28 November 2006

online again

After 9 days without a internet connection I had a lot of time to sew ;-))
I finished several hearts and this two blocks for a round robin quilt.
A few weeks ago I have received 7 finished blocks back from this RR and one naked one.
So I had to embellish that one myself, the one with the old dragonfly brooch.
The block with the spider is the 9th block to complete the square.
I am busy to put them together now and will post some details soon.


Gerry said...

Ati, these blocks are just gorgeous!

Charlene said...

Ah...lots of time for stitching? Well, the results are well worth the time investment. Very nice!

Nina In Norway said...

You can reach me at:

Susan said...

These blocks are both wonderful. I love the stitched spider and the dragonfly pin was a stroke of genius. We can use anything! I hope I'll get to see the other 7 blocks that came back.