09 November 2006

A ruby wedding anniversary

On November 10th. have our friends in the Netherlands their ruby ( 40 years ) wedding anniversary.
Congratulations Geertje and KlaasJan !!
I have made a mini wall-quilt to them.Four blocks, for every 10 year one.
Many hearts to tell the love between them and a "ruby" in the centre to remember this day.
I used 3 of my TT blocks and made a fourth to complete the set.
It measures 18.5" square ( 47x47 cm.)


Nina In Norway said...

What a nice gift! Lucky are those who get it. Your friends who have been married for 40 years must have lived a happy life. Another 10 years will just pass by. Then you need to make an even brighter quilt for their 50 th. anniversary.

Gerry said...

Ati, this is such a thoughtful and creative gift. You are a good friend.

Susan said...

That's just beautiful. How lucky they are to have you for a friend.

hideko said...

Ati, what a lovely and sweet gift for them !! Hideko

JK said...

This is really beautiful! I love the colors you chose. You seem to favor the real soft pastels. You have one lucky friend there, and what a wonderful gift to give to her.