02 November 2006

The two other swap blocks

Here are the other two blocks which I had to embellish.
One pink/purple and one black/white.
Both ended on the 2nd place in their category. Also did the green/yellow.
The black/white one was difficult for me, I don't like black/white fabric.
Black and white are not colors in my opinion.
In a quilt they are the most difficult spots, they give a kind of hole in a quilt.
Except when the quilt is only black and white.

But I made the block B/W statisfying for me and I hope that Christy also will be happy with her block when she gets it.
The pink/purple block is sewn by Renea and she will receive that back.


Gerry said...

Actually, Ati, blacks and whites are unique in the color scheme. One is all colors, and the other is absence of all color. Your work on all 4 is just beautiful.

Susan said...

Both blocks are great. I really like your spider web!

Nina In Norway said...

WOW! You done a great job. I agree that blac and white where the worst one to do. Yours turned out stunning! 1 winner and three 2. place.
You are amazing. Keep up the nice woork.

JK said...

Ati, B&W are difficult to do, but if you allow yourself to see beyond that road block, the possibilites are endless. Remember to venture off the normal path, and there you will find an amazing array of beauty.