01 November 2006

Voting is done....

Now the voting for the Half and Half blocks is finished, I can show the photos from the blocks I have embellished.
The meaning was, you had to sew a block f.e. half green, half yellow.
Then sent it to the swap-mom and she sent us the same amount of blocks back from other ladies.
I had to embellish those blocks and 2 more.
The embellishment has to be in the opposite color.
The pink/purple one won a prize for the best embellishment in the category pink/purple.
I am a proud member now ;-))


May Britt said...

Both blocks are lovely embellished. You do great work.

Nina In Norway said...

And it's MINE!
The Pink/Purple is mine!
I will be the proud omner!

Gerry said...

Thank you for posting these photos. They are just beautiful, Ati. I can't beleive you didn't win the Green/Yellow too. :-)

Nina In Norway said...

By the way, I did one of yours.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You made a nice work!
I wouldn't tell which one is more gourgeous! Both of them are really colourful and beautiful!

Susan said...

Well deserved, although I also like the green and yellow one.