28 December 2006

backgrounds for Fairy tale RR

In the CQfor Newbies group we do a Round Robin after the new year. Every member has to sew her own scenery (background) for the story she will have on her block. Then the other members have to add the players and the stage properties ;-)

This is a background for the fairy tale 12 dancing princesses. When it get finished it will be a little wall quilt for my granddaughter who is 4 years old now. She loves the video were the Barbie doll plays one of the princesses. That's why I decided to sew that picture in the block.
This is the background for the story of the 101 dalmatians. When this get finished it will be a little wall quilt for my grandson who is 7 years now. He likes the story very much and the excitement of the adventures of the dogs and their puppies.


Gerry said...

Ati, these are darling. I hope I get to work on one of them!

Candi Harris said...

Ati, those are both just adorable! They're going to love them! (I had to drop out due to some health problems but I'm sure going to follow along where I can:) ) I love coming to visit your blog!

Susan said...

Both of them are just great! I hope one will come my way.

hideko said...

I love to work on a story quilt so much I am looking foward to seeing how these blocks developped. I am sure your grandchildren will love them very much. They are lucky!!

Thelma said...

These are going to be precious. I wished I could have gotten mine finised in time. I had joined but then got bombarded with my christmas quilts, there was no way I could get finished in time. My fairy tale was going to be Snow White. I will try to get the cross stitching done and go ahead and CQ it. Sure wished I could have joined in on the fun. Thelma

Richard en Angela said...

Hai, Grandma! We look right now to both quilts and we cannot wait, they already beautiful, we hope the quilt-ladies make it more beautiful.