06 December 2006

pincushion for Henny.

Here is an other pincushion I made for my dear friend Henny.
She lives in the Netherlands and she saves all the leftovers for me from the blouses she sews to herself. When I visited her last October, she also had 14 neckties for me, nice fabrics they have. I have pulled out the threads and have very nice pieces of silk from the ties.
The black fabric from the pincushion is also one of Henny's blouses.
It is a thank you gift.
I have added some pearls too because she is a pearl lover.


Susan said...

Ati, that's beautiful on the black! Are these fabrics silks that she makes the blouses?

Gerry said...

Ati, I love the black with the roses. It's very elegant looking. What a wonderful present. I wonder if she'll recognize the fabrics? LOL.

Charlene said...

What a nice gift, showing her how you use the things she shares with you. Lovely!