29 January 2007

Surprise baggie from Pat

Last week I found a very nice surprise in my mailbox. A thick envelope full of nice fabrics, silk ribbon, ciggies and little items for embellishing.
All this came from Pat Winter as a thank you gift.
On her blog , she asked a while ago if anyone would try to make a Campanula.
I tried and won :-)
Pat wrote an article about that in CQMagOnline, you find it here.

27 January 2007

TAST, cretan stitch

This week the Cretan stitch was on Sharon's program.
It is not my favorite stitch, so I didn't do much with it. I covered some seams on my practice block and one seam on a 'Victorian roses' block.
Beside that I didn't have much time left after making the 'workshop' bauble bag.

25 January 2007

How to do, round bauble bag

Since I published the little round bag for my daughter, I have had many requests how I made it.
Now I have made an other one and have made 16 'how to do' photos.
You can follow this "workshop"on the following link.
See the album 'workshop'.
Notice that I have written text below the photos and that the size from this bag is a little less than my daughters. But I have written the measures for that one too.
Happy sewing and I will see the results on your blogs someday, I guess?

20 January 2007

Happy Birthday

Today our youngest daughter becomes 40 years.
I have made this bauble bag to her.
Last summer when I made a bauble bag for a swap, she liked that one. That gave me the idea to sew one for her. I hope she likes this one as well ;-)
Have a nice day Yvonne !!
(you can click on the photos to enlarge)

18 January 2007

TAST week 3, chain stitch

This week the chain stitch is the stitch of the week at Sharon's blog.

This idea comes from the book of Carole Samples.
This cottage ciggy was a gift from Pat Winter, I added some flowers. The hollyhocks with buttonhole stitch was an idea from Susan N. what she used on a heart the last week.
Thanks Susan. I have no idea what to do on the other seams above the cottage. All suggestions are welcome.

14 January 2007

birthday gift continue

The embellishing is done on the birthday gift, I have to sew the parts together now.
I will post the finished gift at the end of the week. The colors are softer in real, it is to much blue here but I didn't have the light of the sun........

11 January 2007

TAST, buttonhole stitch

This week Sharon offers the buttonhole stitch. I have learned this stitch when I was at the housekeeper-school and I hated it. I was so happy when my mother bought a electric sewing machine in 1962 who could make buttonholes, yeah!

So, I am laughing now, see what I did the last 2 days ;-)

First, special for my grandchildren and Nina's Glenn: the poor lonely snail have got company from a caterpillar and they have some grass and flowers too!

Don't forget to click on the photo to enlarge.
A few wheels on a empty spot.
Here I made two rows of buttonhole stitch, and wrapped the green perle tread through it. I wasn't happy with it at all. I was able to get some fancy band under the green wraps. I am still not so happy with the result.
Her are a few half wheels, I used the method who Jo gave a while ago on her blog.
Just a stitch to cover a seam................

08 January 2007

start new gift...

This is the start for a birthday gift. I am embellishing right now.

05 January 2007

TAST, more herringbone

An other herringbone and a little ( joke) snail.
Herringbone with variations and beads. Here I have used a seam from my Vic. Roses block.
A wrapped herringbone. You can click on the photos to enlarge.

02 January 2007

Tuesday's stitch, herringbone

Here are the first pictures of the TAST from Sharon's blog. Today it was the herringbone stitch with I did on 3 seams. Here I used 2 strands of floss, yellow and green and made a french knot on top.
On this seam I have used a piece of bobbin-lace too, made by me, years ago. It was a tryout piece, just long enough for this seam. I used 2 strands of pink DMC floss for the herringbone and 3 strands of red floss.
Here I used silk perle 8 for the herringbone and silk perle 5 for the winding.
You always can click on the pictures to enlarge.