25 January 2007

How to do, round bauble bag

Since I published the little round bag for my daughter, I have had many requests how I made it.
Now I have made an other one and have made 16 'how to do' photos.
You can follow this "workshop"on the following link.
See the album 'workshop'.
Notice that I have written text below the photos and that the size from this bag is a little less than my daughters. But I have written the measures for that one too.
Happy sewing and I will see the results on your blogs someday, I guess?


marja visser. said...

ati; weer erg mooi, ik heb je uitleg opgeslagen. bedankt en wanneer de mijne klaar is, krijg jij de foto te zien.

Virginia said...

Thank you so much for the tutorial!
I will post a link to your blog for the spanish readers of my blog.
They will love this tuturial
Thank you for making this effort.
The bag is gourgeous!

Maddie Can Fly said...

Ati, I just love the butterflies on this bag. It's so pretty! thanks for the tutorial. (Lesa from CQForNewbies)

Susan said...

Thanks for taking the time to do this, Ati. I know it takes a lot of time, even if you aren't making comments. The bags are great. I'm not much into making bags, but I may make this one. I know my best friend will probably make one, as she *is* into making bags.

Ribbonwiz said...

The bags are lovely Ati.
So pretty and a lovely gift for any young girl or lady.
thanks for the tutorial I know how much time that takes.

Rineke said...

Hoi Ati, bedankt voor je kommentaartje op mijn blog. Leuk, zo via TAST kom ik allemaal borduurmensen tegen. Woon je al lang in Noorwegen?
Groetjes, Rineke

Nina In Norway said...

By the way....
Would you help me with some sizes for the Bauble bag?

Corina said...

HAllo! I am working on a bauble bag now, thanks to you and your tutorial.
Dank je wel!