27 January 2007

TAST, cretan stitch

This week the Cretan stitch was on Sharon's program.
It is not my favorite stitch, so I didn't do much with it. I covered some seams on my practice block and one seam on a 'Victorian roses' block.
Beside that I didn't have much time left after making the 'workshop' bauble bag.


Charlene said...

They're lovely, but my favorite is the first - with three colors!

Susan said...

Congratulations on winning Pat's little goodie bag, btw, and having your name in print! You're famous now. =)

Your TAST stitches are beautiful. The purples seem a good choice for this stitch that is about my least favorite, too. I might have mentioned that. =)

Nina In Norway said...

Your stitching is gorgeous. I believe I've told you a 100 times already.
Would you be so kind and tell me what kind of thread you are using? (In ex the off-white or the purple one.)