02 January 2007

Tuesday's stitch, herringbone

Here are the first pictures of the TAST from Sharon's blog. Today it was the herringbone stitch with I did on 3 seams. Here I used 2 strands of floss, yellow and green and made a french knot on top.
On this seam I have used a piece of bobbin-lace too, made by me, years ago. It was a tryout piece, just long enough for this seam. I used 2 strands of pink DMC floss for the herringbone and 3 strands of red floss.
Here I used silk perle 8 for the herringbone and silk perle 5 for the winding.
You always can click on the pictures to enlarge.


Susan said...

What great seams! You are so with it, already trying it out several times. I particularly like the seam with the red.

I soaked it up, and now I want to try some of the things I never thought to do before. Maybe tomorrow on a day trip to Phoenix I will get some finished.

Anonymous said...

Ati, these are gorgeous seams! i will have to get on the ball and start working with this stitch some more. Your stitching is so good and your treatments are wonderful!

Thelma said...

What a wonderful job. I am still practicing my stitches. Once I practice a little more I will post mine. I have never done this before and it is very fun learning.

Nina In Norway said...

Wow. You are doing good. They are beautiful all three.
And I love the beautiful flowers you made for Pat.