25 February 2007

Encrusted CQ class step 3

The last two days I have been working on my class block.
I have changed the piece of lace in the lower left corner. The knitted one didn't fit nice in my opinion. I have done more stitching, extended some seams and added beads.
In the upper left corner I have sewn a piece of painted lace, the stripes on the fabric were very disturbing , they didn't fit in this block.
You can click on the photo to enlarge.
More next week......

24 February 2007

TAST, fly stitch

This is my fly stitch for this week. I didn't have much time to try the variations, I was busy with my class blocks. The green "plants" round the little cross stitch made it nice.
The cross stitch motif was made by an aunt 40 years ago and put on a birthday card.
Normally I don't safe cards so long, but because of this little piece of embroidery the card was still in a shoebox......
Now the card is in the trash but the embroidery lives on this TAST stitch sampler which will turn into a pillow in the end of this TAST year.
You can see the 'naked' block on the post of December 31 , last year.

22 February 2007

Encrusted CQ class block, step 2

Most part of the seam-stitching is done. There are seams who need more, such as beads or an other stitch added. Later there will come silk ribbon embroidery, beads, and other embellishment. I have pinned two pieces of lace which I have painted with Ozecraft dye in the color that suits the block. Just to see how it looks.........
Next photo, next week I guess.....

20 February 2007

Garden Lady 1

This is my 'Garden lady' block 12x16 inch.
I will make a Garden lady 2 and set them together as a little wall-quilt.
The tatted butterfly and delphinium flower was a gift from my quilt-friend Lorenza.
Below are four detail photos. You can click on them to enlarge.

18 February 2007

Encrusted CQ Class

I am following the encrusted cq class at Sharon B.
This is my "naked"block. Not much to see but I will try to keep you updated every week what I do on this block, so that you see how it 'grows' :)

17 February 2007

TAST. feather stitch

This week the feather stitch was the week's challenge.
I use it often. This stitch is so easy and fast to do. And so easy to extend with other stitches or beads so it looks different all the time.
The first one is the last seam on my 'Victorian roses' blocks and the other three are on my sampler block which I use for the TAST stitches.

15 February 2007

Heart for a friend

Today I sewed a heart for a quilt friend who has cancer and gets radiotherapy.
She collect angels, so I picked one of my home made prints and put that in the centre. She is a friend from a quilt Bee group, therefore the bee's fabric on the right side.
I hope the little angel will help her through this very difficult time.
It is in the mail now on its way to the states......with my prayers........

14 February 2007

Garden lady in process

A while ago I have got a baggie full of nice material from Pat Winter for making the campanula's for her.
I decided to make a block for a wall-quilt, add maybe more blocks ;) later.
I liked to add the campanula's also and that was not so easy, they are rather large.
But I try as good as I can to make it all together. I have to add much more sre flowers, beads and buttons, but it comes.......
I am following the class from Sharon B. encrusted CQ and I hope to learn a lot in those six weeks so that this block also will come in balance.......
You can click on the photo to enlarge.

11 February 2007

Victorian Roses 5 and 6

While doing the TAST every week the Vic. Roses block get ready also.
The three I have left are also almost ready. I am looking forward to sew all nine together.
The bobbin lace pieces are made by me and the crochet items are from my grandmother.
Before I sew this crochet pieces on the quilt I will dye them in light tea, to get an "old look". They are too white now on those blocks.

09 February 2007

TAST eye stitch

This week the eye stitch was the challenge in the TAST from Sharon B.
I found out that it was not easy to cover a seam with this stitch, it was very difficult to get them even. That's why I made the violet items on a empty spot, the ideas are from the book of Carole Samples.

The third photo shows some repeats from the earlier weeks stitches.

05 February 2007

Fairy tale RR.

This is a part of a block in a Fairy tale Round Robin. The owner sews the block and than it travels along 7 other members of the group. Each member has to cover a few seams and add a item of the story. This is a block for the story "the Wizard of OZ".
Because I was the first one to work on this block, I had a choice what to do.
I never saw the movie and don't now what everything looks. I decided to make the scarecrow.
I have stitched 4 seams and made the cornfield too.
The scarecrow became not 'scary ' at all, he looks rather friendly, so I've added a little bird on his hat.
I hope Nancy likes what I did on her block.
You can click on the photo to enlarge.

02 February 2007

TAST, chevron stitch

While I was stitching the last days, I thought how special this is, the TAST of Sharon.
Over 200 women in the world do this stitch this week, isn't it funny?
I stick for now to the traditional way, cover the seams on my CQ blocks.
I still have many seams to go. Doing this TAST every week, they all will be ready within this year :-)