25 February 2007

Encrusted CQ class step 3

The last two days I have been working on my class block.
I have changed the piece of lace in the lower left corner. The knitted one didn't fit nice in my opinion. I have done more stitching, extended some seams and added beads.
In the upper left corner I have sewn a piece of painted lace, the stripes on the fabric were very disturbing , they didn't fit in this block.
You can click on the photo to enlarge.
More next week......


Momma Bear said...

your class block is lovely so far!
& thankyou I glad you liked my bag, You inspired me!)

Susan said...

Oh, I like that lace better, too. Good choice. I love all the seams. Your block is so graceful!

pat winter said...

Ati, I love the colors you chose for that image. This is another lovely block. I enjoy seeing your work very much.

Thelma said...

Your block is very lovely. You are doing a fantastic job on it. I love the colors of your block and your stitching is wonderful. I love what you did with the dyed lace. It is very pretty.