05 February 2007

Fairy tale RR.

This is a part of a block in a Fairy tale Round Robin. The owner sews the block and than it travels along 7 other members of the group. Each member has to cover a few seams and add a item of the story. This is a block for the story "the Wizard of OZ".
Because I was the first one to work on this block, I had a choice what to do.
I never saw the movie and don't now what everything looks. I decided to make the scarecrow.
I have stitched 4 seams and made the cornfield too.
The scarecrow became not 'scary ' at all, he looks rather friendly, so I've added a little bird on his hat.
I hope Nancy likes what I did on her block.
You can click on the photo to enlarge.


Renea said...

I am sure she will love the scarecrow. Great job stitching him to the block.

Ribbonwiz said...

Lovely work Ati,
I love the scarecrow...very cute and not too scarey.

Susan said...

I love the scarecrow, (the bird was a nice touch!) and the cornfield. Looks just perfect for the story. You did a great job on your part of the block!

Candi Harris said...

Oh Ati I just love your scarecrow! He's so precious! Great work (as always:-) )

TeresaB said...

Great job on the scarecrow! And I just love the corn field!

wilma said...

You once again did a great job, I love the scarecrow!

Thelma said...

I think you did an awesome job!!!

Nina In Norway said...

You never stop amazing me. What will you thing of next?

And thank you for your comments on my blog!

You make me smile and feel god. Thanks.

And today I made 7 blocks for the DYB. (one in spare…..)

Cathy said...

I am so glad to see an example of the fairy tale rr. I have seen mention of it and wondered how it worked. What fun!! Your contributions to the block are great.