02 February 2007

TAST, chevron stitch

While I was stitching the last days, I thought how special this is, the TAST of Sharon.
Over 200 women in the world do this stitch this week, isn't it funny?
I stick for now to the traditional way, cover the seams on my CQ blocks.
I still have many seams to go. Doing this TAST every week, they all will be ready within this year :-)


Charlene said...

Your work is lovely, as always. I too, stitck to seam work, but do enjoy looking at the artistic and creative ways others express themselves.

Misa said...

I think your work is lovely! I especially like the top one... it almost looks like a bunch of little fires.

Susan said...

I think I've figured out what it is about your stitching that I always love - it's even and has a clean, uncluttered look to it. I like that! As always, I have a hard time picking a favorite when you post more than one thing!