09 February 2007

TAST eye stitch

This week the eye stitch was the challenge in the TAST from Sharon B.
I found out that it was not easy to cover a seam with this stitch, it was very difficult to get them even. That's why I made the violet items on a empty spot, the ideas are from the book of Carole Samples.

The third photo shows some repeats from the earlier weeks stitches.


Renea said...

I agree with the fact that this stitch is hard to keep even. I did this one and did not like it.
Now that I see your purple ones I may try again. Was there a trick to this ?

I am waiting for the work book and templates from Carol Samples. How do you like them?

Virginia said...

I like the snow flakes very much.

Susan said...

The first seam is attractive, but I see what you mean about keeping them even. I have drawn some circles to try them on a heart. I really like both the 3 on the blank spot and the ones on the lace piece in the second pictures.

The chevron in the bottom picture is very interesting against that background. I like the colors in that piece.