21 March 2007

ATC cards

A while ago someone asked me to trade an ATC card.
I didn't have them in stock but I like the idea.
I have made 8 ATC the past few days.
The size for this 'card' is 3.5x2.5 inch. 9x6.5 cm.
You have to send them in a envelope.
See how it goes, I am curious what I get in return :))


laplandyellow said...

leuk gedaan, enne.........herken ik wat materiaal?

Lorenza said...

Ati, would you like to swap a ATC with me?

Susan said...

So pretty! Each set is different from the other, but both beautiful. An e-mail group of mine is thinking about making some of these. I'll point them to your blog.

Sharon said...

Ati your ATC's are beautiful...I would love to do a trade with you.

Lynn said...

ATI, What is an ATC card?