10 March 2007

Encrusted CQ Class block, step 5

Her is my class block again. I have ripped of the flowers which I made on step 4.
I didn't like them when I looked better. They were to dark.
I have made lighter roses and yellow flowers on the doily, it looks much more friendly to me.
I have sewn on the shiny creme/gold thread and added 3 roses, an old gold? little button and a boot.
The fan in the corner is ready , also the lace fan.
I did some creme/yellow, peach embroidery on the light lace on the right side.
Now it looks not so light anymore.
So far, so good, I think.....
There will come more the next week.
You always can click on the photo to enlarge.


laplandyellow said...

dit is inderdaad veeeeel beter!!

Esteemarlu said...

I often visit your blog just to look at your beautiful work. I don't crazy quilt,I am just a quilter but would love to make one some day. Your work always makes me smile.

Anonymous said...

Atim this is just getting better and better(which is to say, i like every time i look at it!) i love the ribbon you put on the left-hand fan....it carries the orange perfectly...and your silk ribbon flowers are wonderful additions. I hoope you will frame this block when you are done....it is truly beautiful!

Susan said...

It's really gorgeous, Ati. I liked it before, but I like it even more now. The stitching on the lace on the right is perfect. I like the way it fits into the lace "solid" part.