16 March 2007

new place for living

And here is where we live now. Towards the west ( which you not see on this photo ) we look to the Atlantic Ocean.
It is a beautiful spot.


Renea said...

The picture is gorgeous. Now I know why your husband catches big beautiful fish!

Is the the view from your deck? What a great morning coffee spot!


Gerry said...

What a wonderful and relaxing view. And yes, the perfect coffee spot.

Charlene said...

What a wonderful view - surrounded by beauty on all sides, and on the inside, too with all your lovely stitching work!

Candi Harris said...

Oh Ati how beautiful!!! I'm green with envy:) I miss living in the mountains soooo much! Lucky you.:)

corina said...

Ik heb jou flickr album gezin, dus ik weet waar je woon nu, maar deze foto is special!