08 March 2007

TAST,barred chain stitch and RR.

The photo above is a try on my stitch sampler.

This week's stitch is the barred chain stitch. I had never heard of that before and never done it either.
But doing this stitch I discovered that it was a good stitch to make a cactus with.
I am in a Fairy tale RR and on of the tales is a Navajo legend who has also desert plants in it.
That's why I made the cactus and covered several seams of course.
You always can click on the photo to enlarge.


laplandyellow said...

je gaat hard!!!

kay susan said...


Krazy Kathy said...

I spent quite a few years of my childhood in the Arizona desert. Your cactus brought back good memories. Very well done.

Charlene said...

Great stitching, and a beautiful discovery! Creativity at its finest!

Kate said...

Love the cactus!