30 April 2007

atc's for trading

It is so nice to trade those things, but I have to make new ones myself too ;))
They fly away very fast....... number 25 and 26.

received atc's

This past week I have received new atc cards.
The left one, paper, with the hearts from Ruth Wade, Ireland.
The right one wool on fabric from Emmy Schoonbeek, the Netherlands.

The two above from Tine Anders, Germany.

The two below from Gitte Stjerne, Australia.

They both swapped two cards for a 6" heart from me.

Aren't they beautiful and very special?

Engelbee Group ufo day

Yesterday we have had an ufo sewing day with one of the yahoo-groups I am in.
The goal was to finish one or more ufo's. I had decided to quilt and finish my encrusted class block which i made this winter.
Late afternoon it was finished, I was very happy, now it is a little wall-hanging. The size is 47 cm. square. 18,5 ".
I have handquilted the borders and tied the middle part.
The tittle came up when I got this picture in the middle, she remembered me on the end of the 19th century an evening in Paris. She looks so pretty and is flirting behind her fan ;)
The weather was so nice that I could sit and sew outside the whole day.
You always can click on the pictures to enlarge.

29 April 2007

TAST week 17, running stitch

This week it was the running stitch, which was a Challenge! I didn't know what to do with that :))
It was probably the first stitch I did in my life and now I was totally out of action.
At least yesterday I played around with some variegated thread on my TAST sampler and an atc card and this is the result.

28 April 2007

My doll

Inspired by all the cute Dotee dolls popping up on blogs and the spiritual dolls from Jo I made my doll.

A while ago I 've got beautiful pieces of duponi silk and decided to make a little something for myself from that. It is so shiny and nice, it was difficult to get the beauty of the silk on the photo. You can click on the photo to enlarge, than you can see the silk much better.
The size is 16 cm. about 6,5 "

atc's for trading

Four new atc's for trading. This is so much fun :)

26 April 2007

received atc cards

The last days atc cards came in my mailbox. It is a pleasure to see all those different techniques. From the left to the right: # 1 drawing on paper with ink, water-paint and gel from Claudia, Spain. #2 many techniques from Sarah G. USA. # 3 paper and stamp from Viola, Germany. # 4 drawing and paper from Annette, Norway.
They all look much nicer in real!!
You can click on the photo then you get almost the original size. 2.5x 3.5 inch. 6.5x9 cm.

Vic. Roses block # 9

This is the last block of nine. The white bobbin-lace is made by me. The butterfly is a gift from a friend, I had to iron it on. Because I am a butterfly lover there has to be at least one butterfly on this quilt.
What should a quilt with flowers be without a butterfly?
Now I am stitching all the blocks together, many new seams to embroider ......

23 April 2007

Victorian Roses block # 8

Here is the eighth block for my roses quilt. The tatted piece is made by my aunt, which was still in my grandmothers sewing-box when I inherited that.
The braid on the right site, silver/green/black was also in that sewing-box. It is more than 50 years old.

20 April 2007

atc 17-20

I made four atc trading cards. The upper right is hardanger embroidery. I made that a few years ago as a try out, did nothing with it and I think there will be an other person who likes it.

18 April 2007

TAST and fabric postcard

This week the palestrina stitch was the TAST challenge. It was not difficult and went pretty quick.
I made the branch on the postcard and two seams on my TAST block.
The circle was an earlier tast stitch: the barred chain, now I have added the purple . It gives a nice relief with silk perle 5.

15 April 2007

received atc's

Those four cards came in yesterdays mail. from the left to the right: paper card from Dorte, Denmark. The paper card with ribbon roses from Riet, the Netherlands.
The fabric card with the wool heart from Jacqueline, the Netherlands.
The wool felt card, title "ice and fire" from Bryndis, Iceland.
I am so happy with them, all so different and so nice. So many people and so many different hobbies. I like it very much to see those techniques "in person".
I keep you informed how it develops :)
You always can click on the photo to enlarge.

atc 13- 16

The last few days I have been busy to make more atc's. The others I have made are almost gone. On Flickr are many people who trade this cards.
I still make fabric atc's and I try to let them look as a mini crazy quilt block.
I like this four, they turned out pretty.

13 April 2007

TAST, Oyster stitch

Here is my oyster stitch so far, I have used beautiful shiny thread: Edmar lola, rayon. It is very nice thread but tricky to work with.
maybe I 'll make this afternoon some more oyster stitch if I can find time to do it.

12 April 2007

received atc cards

So far I have sent away 8 cards and I have got this three in return.
from left to right: from # 1 Janine Dion, France. # 2 from Lorenza, Italy (moon on the city)
# 3 from Dorte, Denmark ( butterfly shoe).
I like to see all the difference in use of material and how it is made. There are so many people who makes those cards so it will be very interesting to see all this variations.
You can click on the photo to enlarge.

Victorian Roses block # 7

My roses blocks go slow. There are so many other things which come up ;)
The half circle is bobbin-lace , made by me, about 10 years ago. It supposed to be a little doily, but I never finished it properly and now I decided to use it in this CQ block.
The round crochet piece is made by my grandmother about 60 years ago.
I have many from those tiny crochet pieces from her and I like it to sew them on this quilt.
Two block to embroider....

10 April 2007

atc 9-12

Here are 4 new atc cards I made for swapping in the future. The two with the purple fabric: the left one with a piece of a crochet doily and the right one with a piece of a knitted doily.
The two blue ones: I have couched a piece of yarn and added shiny thread and sequins.

07 April 2007

TAST bonnet stitch

This week's stitch was the bonnet stitch. Never heard of that before. First I thought: O my, an other tricky stitch but it was not so difficult as it looked at the first sight. I am learning many new stitches during this TAST challenge every week. And the nice accidental is that my Victorian roses blocks all get different seams. The first seam is on my TAST sampler. When you like to know how to do this stitch have a look at it here on Sharon's B. stitch dictionary.

02 April 2007

DYB-RR block

This is the first block that I have made in a Doing Your Block- Round Robin.
those blocks are 6", 15 cm. square.
The owner of the block, Nina, didn't have a theme, but she likes romantic, she wrote.
So, I made this on her naked block and I hope she likes it.