30 April 2007

Engelbee Group ufo day

Yesterday we have had an ufo sewing day with one of the yahoo-groups I am in.
The goal was to finish one or more ufo's. I had decided to quilt and finish my encrusted class block which i made this winter.
Late afternoon it was finished, I was very happy, now it is a little wall-hanging. The size is 47 cm. square. 18,5 ".
I have handquilted the borders and tied the middle part.
The tittle came up when I got this picture in the middle, she remembered me on the end of the 19th century an evening in Paris. She looks so pretty and is flirting behind her fan ;)
The weather was so nice that I could sit and sew outside the whole day.
You always can click on the pictures to enlarge.


Jo in NZ said...

Ati, your block is beautiful, and how tranquil and peaceful the spot you live in. Perfect for artistic endeavours.

Renea said...

I think you have a wondering and inspiring sewing spot!

The block is beautiful too!

corina said...

What a great spot to work!

marja visser said...

geweldig; kan ik een voorbeeld aan nemen!!marja visser.(laplandyellow).

ArtChic said...

How beautiful is the place you live! I would love to see Norway and had never thought to until now. It looks so tranquil and I really love your blue house! Delightful!