15 April 2007

received atc's

Those four cards came in yesterdays mail. from the left to the right: paper card from Dorte, Denmark. The paper card with ribbon roses from Riet, the Netherlands.
The fabric card with the wool heart from Jacqueline, the Netherlands.
The wool felt card, title "ice and fire" from Bryndis, Iceland.
I am so happy with them, all so different and so nice. So many people and so many different hobbies. I like it very much to see those techniques "in person".
I keep you informed how it develops :)
You always can click on the photo to enlarge.


Nina In Norway said...

I recieved 4 ATC's in the mail today as well. It amazes me how differen they all are. Did these 4 have a common theme, or not at all?

Candi Harris said...

Ati, how I love visiting you! You always have such beautiful things to share. Not to mention the fact that YOUR work is just gorgeous!