30 May 2007

more received artist trading cards.

Needle felt with oyster stitch, machine embroidery and patchwork.
I had forgotten to show those to you.
Aren't they beautiful?

received atc's

Those atc's came in today's mail.
The wool felt from Doreen, Australia.
The paper tree and chair from Mervi, Finland.
I am very pleased with them, they are all three very special!
Thank you ladies, for this trade.

28 May 2007

Fairy tale RR, block from Lori.

This is the lower left corner of Lori's block. Her theme is Ariel.
The block is nearly done and there was not much empty space left.
I did 3 seams and made some "seaweed" and added some "stones".
Now it goes to Marianne, there is only an empty spot in the upper right corner to embellish for here and than the block goes home to Lori.
Lori will make a wall-hanging for her granddaughter.
I am sure the girl will love it.

26 May 2007

Judi's block RR, wizard of Oz.

This is the hot-air balloon in the fairytale the Wizard of OZ.
I have made it on Judi's block. I added also the 3 seam treatments in this upper left corner.
The herringbone stitch, the feather stitch and the combination cretan/herringbone with the sequins
I hope she likes it. After the weekend it goes in the mail to Leona in the USA.

25 May 2007

TAST week 21

This week's stitch was the buttonhole cross stitch. Never heard of that before, but it was easy to do. The first straight one have I made on my TAST sampler, which is running out of empty seams ;)
The second, yellow one, is a fabric postcard. I have sewn the lace on it using this new stitch.
The last one is an atc ( artist trading card) which I make for trade.

23 May 2007

Fairy tale RR, Susan's block

Today, an other rainy day here on the west coast of Norway.
So, I spent my day stitching on the Round Robin block from Susan.
She has the story "the paperbag princess". It is a very nice story about a smart little girl.
I did the seams on the left side of the block, the feather stitch , the chain butterfly stitch and I have sewn the lace with the chain stitch.
Jaki, the lady before me, in this RR, did one of the lace flowers with beads and red floss. I did the other two. I also made the half wheels with a shiny red bead.
At the end I could not resist the temptation to sew a paperbag dress on the block ;))
It is real paper from a bag and I hope it will survive the journey along the other ladies.
You can click on the photo to enlarge.

22 May 2007

fabric postcard

About 2 weeks ago I have sent this fabric postcard to my CQ friend ( SG) on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.
I wonder if she has got it?

21 May 2007

Sheep and woolfelt

Those are the sheep of one of our neighbours. They are grey but the lambs are black, that is so nice to see in the green pasture. The sheep are shaved by the shearer and the fleece goes to the wool-factory. But........I've got some grey fleece from my neighbour to make some wool-felt.
With warm water and soap and a lot of handcraft ;)
I made some atc's from that piece of felt.
There is more left, so more atc's are coming.
It works very nice, the wool is soft and nice to work on.

This one is called "buds". I made the buds from perle 5, oyster stitch.
This one is called "earth and water".
And this one I called "earth and fire".

19 May 2007

Tast week 20

The stitch for this week from Sharon's challenge was the butterfly chain stitch.
I learn a lot of funny stitches in this challenge. Thanks to Sharon !
This one was very easy to do and quick, so I made a few atc cards with it and of course a seam on my tast sampler.

15 May 2007

received atc cards

In the last week's mail I have got very nice cards. The wool-felt came from Gunnel, Sweden and the painting from Virpi, Finland.
Those beauties came from Viola, Germany and Jaque, USA.
So nice to get them in my mailbox. I like all those creative people who will trade their little works of art.

atc's for trade

Three new atc's for trade.
You can click on the photo to enlarge.

13 May 2007

RR fairy tale block

This is the upper left corner of the RR block from Lynn Osse in MN,USA.
She has chosen the tale Rapunzel. I did 4 seams, the roses with the thorns! and sewed on the healing tears. I hope Lynn likes it.
The block goes in the mail tomorrow to the next person on this list.
You can always click on the photo to enlarge.

11 May 2007

TAST basque stitch

This week's stitch was the Basque stitch. Totally new to me.
After a few wrong stitches it was easy and nice to do.
I have used hand dyed variegated thread perlé 8 from Sassa Lynne.
It is very nice thread to work with.
The first photo is a seam on my TAST sampler and the second photo is an atc which I made for trading.

10 May 2007

Diamonds and toads.....

A while ago I made this on a Fairy tale RR block for Gerry.
She has two blocks with the tale Diamonds and Toads from the Grimm brothers.
I made the well, which is an important item in that story and I made the tree. A similar tree was on the fabric and I thought it would be nice to make a little forest :)
Gerry already told me that she is happy with it, thanks Gerry!


I am tagged by Elisabeth from the blog Boskez . It is "about Me" meme. To be honest, I don't like it, but it is for Elisabeth that I write 7 things about myself ;)

What do you want to know about me?
-I like to play with fabrics, threads, lace and beads
-I like dark chocolate and lucky me, I can't buy it in Norway
-Lucky me, because I carry already too many kilo's
-I am married to the same man for 43 years
-we have two nice daughters and 4 lovely grandchildren
-we moved from the Netherlands to Norway 5 years ago
-I spend too much time in front of the PC screen, because I like to have contact with other CQ-ers.

Now I have to choice 7 other bloggers to do the same, here they come: Maureen, Gerry, Wilma, Anne, Lynn, Charlene, and Renea.

08 May 2007

DYB for Susie

In one of the groups I am in , we do a Do Your Block swap. The blocks are 6", 15 cm.
I did this block for Susie, here theme is angels. She likes pastel and gold.
I have made the strings from the harp in gold thread but you don't see that on the photo.
I hope she likes what I have made on her block.
Now the whole package goes in the mail to the next person on the list......

06 May 2007

TAST week 18

This week the woven wheel and the wrapped wheel were given by Sharon.

I did both on my TAST sampler, which will become a pillowcase in the end of the year.

There are 2 photos from the same stitches, one with flash and one without. I couldn't decide which one was better, so here are both :)

03 May 2007

fabric atc cards

Today I made this 3 atc cards.
They are for trading in 2 Flickr groups.
The green/purple one is already spoken for.
When I sent them to Flickr. they go away very quick. :)

02 May 2007

Spring in my Garden, swap

In the Yahoo group CQfor Newbies, we are doing a " spring" block swap.
I made those 8" blocks and sent them away today to Lesa, the swap mom.
She will receive all the blocks from the participants, swap them and send blocks back.
So, in about 2 months I receive 4 blocks back, made by other members of the group.
All with the "spring" theme.
When they arrive, I promise to make a picture and show them to you.
Sorry about the colors, they are not so pale in real, but the sun was so bright when I took the photos :)