10 May 2007

Diamonds and toads.....

A while ago I made this on a Fairy tale RR block for Gerry.
She has two blocks with the tale Diamonds and Toads from the Grimm brothers.
I made the well, which is an important item in that story and I made the tree. A similar tree was on the fabric and I thought it would be nice to make a little forest :)
Gerry already told me that she is happy with it, thanks Gerry!


Gerry said...

I do like it, Ati. Very much.

Waltraud said...

Hi, I´ve found your blog-adress in Gunnel´s blog. Your arte is very beautiful, like your wonderful stiches.

Susan said...

Love that tree! It so nicely echoes the one in the fabric. I loved your idea of the tears on Lynn's block, too. You are so creative, while I feel like a well run dry lately. =)

Anonymous said...

hai mom
i like this the most, it looks like a postcard to me, very nice
your daughter yvon