28 May 2007

Fairy tale RR, block from Lori.

This is the lower left corner of Lori's block. Her theme is Ariel.
The block is nearly done and there was not much empty space left.
I did 3 seams and made some "seaweed" and added some "stones".
Now it goes to Marianne, there is only an empty spot in the upper right corner to embellish for here and than the block goes home to Lori.
Lori will make a wall-hanging for her granddaughter.
I am sure the girl will love it.


Charlene said...

Very pretty, Ati. The hard thing about RR's is by the time it gets toward the end of the group, they may be all filled up ;-).

Gerry said...

Ati, this is soooo cute! I've only received 7 of the 15 blocks I supposed to get. I hope yours is coming to me soon :-)

BöskeZ said...

What a lovely theme! I'm sure Lori and her granddaughter will be pleased with such a nice work.
Your "stones" are like pearls at the bottom of the sea.

Susan said...

That looks great, Ati! I hadn't seen this one since I worked on it a while ago. I like what you added.

Thelma said...

Love the work you done on this block. She should be really happy with it.