23 May 2007

Fairy tale RR, Susan's block

Today, an other rainy day here on the west coast of Norway.
So, I spent my day stitching on the Round Robin block from Susan.
She has the story "the paperbag princess". It is a very nice story about a smart little girl.
I did the seams on the left side of the block, the feather stitch , the chain butterfly stitch and I have sewn the lace with the chain stitch.
Jaki, the lady before me, in this RR, did one of the lace flowers with beads and red floss. I did the other two. I also made the half wheels with a shiny red bead.
At the end I could not resist the temptation to sew a paperbag dress on the block ;))
It is real paper from a bag and I hope it will survive the journey along the other ladies.
You can click on the photo to enlarge.


Gerry said...

You've done some really nice needlework on this Ati. I hope the weather clears soon for you!

Krazy Kathy said...

Ati, What an adorable idea making the paper dress out of paper. I love it!!

Kathy in CA

Susan said...

I love it, Ati! Everything looks fabulous, and that paperbag dress was just the perfect touch!