26 May 2007

Judi's block RR, wizard of Oz.

This is the hot-air balloon in the fairytale the Wizard of OZ.
I have made it on Judi's block. I added also the 3 seam treatments in this upper left corner.
The herringbone stitch, the feather stitch and the combination cretan/herringbone with the sequins
I hope she likes it. After the weekend it goes in the mail to Leona in the USA.


Charlene said...

...how could she not?

Susan said...

Wow, much more creative than what I did on Nancy's! Beautiful idea. Too late for me now, it's in the mail! She will love this.

BöskeZ said...

Lovely; I'd like to travel in such a balloon!

Thelma said...

Love the balloon you added, what a wonderful idea.