21 May 2007

Sheep and woolfelt

Those are the sheep of one of our neighbours. They are grey but the lambs are black, that is so nice to see in the green pasture. The sheep are shaved by the shearer and the fleece goes to the wool-factory. But........I've got some grey fleece from my neighbour to make some wool-felt.
With warm water and soap and a lot of handcraft ;)
I made some atc's from that piece of felt.
There is more left, so more atc's are coming.
It works very nice, the wool is soft and nice to work on.

This one is called "buds". I made the buds from perle 5, oyster stitch.
This one is called "earth and water".
And this one I called "earth and fire".


Waltraud said...

These little pieces are so nice, I like also to stich in this soft wool.

Elizabeth said...

Great pieces! The wool looks wonderful. And I love the photo of the flock in the pasture.

Micki said...

These ATC's are great. Love the picture of the sheep.

By the way, I added a link to you on my blog.

JK said...

Ati!!! Hi sweetie! Where you been pretty lady? Awe those sheep and baby lambs are so cute! I love sheep, and lambs, and dogs and cats, and well anything really!

Your ATC's are lovely, cept I don't know what ATC's are! HA! Is this a type of post card or something? Is there a pattern for it? Beautiful work as always sweet thing!

Henny said...

Mooi die donkere wol met die verschillende thema's, echt weer wat anders.

BöskeZ said...

I can't tell you wich one I prefer!
They all are wonderful!
Die schapen zijn aardig! ;o)

Susan said...

I really like that background! Gives me some ideas on other things. I love how you embellished each one. Are you doing this for a swap? How can you bear to part with each one?

Susan said...

Ati! You are so sweet! Here I was admiring these in the mail this morning, and I find "Buds" in my mail this afternooon! Thank you, thank you! You know I will treasure this always. I'm so thrilled with it! Oyster stitch is one I didn't master. =)