02 May 2007

Spring in my Garden, swap

In the Yahoo group CQfor Newbies, we are doing a " spring" block swap.
I made those 8" blocks and sent them away today to Lesa, the swap mom.
She will receive all the blocks from the participants, swap them and send blocks back.
So, in about 2 months I receive 4 blocks back, made by other members of the group.
All with the "spring" theme.
When they arrive, I promise to make a picture and show them to you.
Sorry about the colors, they are not so pale in real, but the sun was so bright when I took the photos :)


Lorenza said...

Ati, I'm surprised by the big amount of crazy work you are doing!
of course everything is beautiful

JK said...

Gorgeous work sweetheart! Love, love your work!!

Charlene said...

Now that's what I call a spring garden! Lovely work, Ati.

I see your mouse and kitty over in the side - how cute!