11 May 2007

TAST basque stitch

This week's stitch was the Basque stitch. Totally new to me.
After a few wrong stitches it was easy and nice to do.
I have used hand dyed variegated thread perlé 8 from Sassa Lynne.
It is very nice thread to work with.
The first photo is a seam on my TAST sampler and the second photo is an atc which I made for trading.


JK said...

Hey hon, that stitch looks great! I have done this one a couple of times, but can never seem to get it even and is always wonky... Great job sweetie!

Susan said...

I love the thread, and you make the stitch look beautiful. I love it on your little ATC. One of these days, I'll find an online source for that Sassa Lynne thread. Sharon was talking about it one time, too.

NuvoFelt said...

Delighted to see how you are using the thread, Ati. I found your site quite by accident