25 May 2007

TAST week 21

This week's stitch was the buttonhole cross stitch. Never heard of that before, but it was easy to do. The first straight one have I made on my TAST sampler, which is running out of empty seams ;)
The second, yellow one, is a fabric postcard. I have sewn the lace on it using this new stitch.
The last one is an atc ( artist trading card) which I make for trade.


Susan said...

Your stitching looks really good. I love the yellow postcard - so cheery! The ATC is so cute with the ladybug button echoing the ladybug in the fabric.

You are just having too much fun, Ati!

corina said...

Those little bugs are so cute, lovely cards, Ati!

Micki said...

These are lovely, Ati.

Waltraud said...

Your stiching is always so good.

Charlene said...

Your post card collection is so lovely, Ati. You do such nice, consistant stitching - beautiful work.