30 June 2007

atc's for trade

Last week the weather was not nice here in Norway so I have made
some ATC's for trade and finished them today.
They are on my Flickr site also for the atc swapgroups I am in.
You can click on them to enlarge.

28 June 2007

Spring swap blocks

A few weeks ago I have received the Spring blocks from a swap with the CQ for Newbies group.
Shame on me, I have forgotten to take a photo and show them to you.
But here they are ( better late than never ;)
Top left from Sue Watts, top right from JK, bottom left from Julie Oats, bottom right from Thelma Bradshaw.
Thank you all ladies for your lovely work !!
You can click on the photo to enlarge.

27 June 2007

TAST week 26

The half chevron stitch on my TAST sampler. It was surprising when I drew a octagonal and make the half stitch towards the centre and the other one the half stitches toward the outside.

I have sewn four borders for my TAST sampler, 6 "wide, to have enough new seams for the other 26 new ones.

Thank you Sharon for your effort to keep us all going :)

25 June 2007

Dolls for Pat's project

Please click on the title, go to Pat's post, and link back to your blog.

Even if you don't intend to contribute to this project, please help spread the word.

happy birthday Richard

Today it is the birthday from our youngest grandson, he will be 8 years today.
I made the aquarium postcard for him and for his little sister ( 4 years) an atc.
She is a "pink" girl.

22 June 2007

the land of the midnight sun.

I made this photo yesterday late evening at 23.52.
We have had the shortest night now. I is not darker than this photo during the night.
We live on 62 o Latitude north.
Further north you can see the sun above the horizon the whole night.
You can click on the photo to enlarge.

21 June 2007

Tast week 25, long short stitch

My first long-short stitch ever. I am surprised about the result, it took me 2 hours.
I drew the butterfly myself with a pencil first ,on the fabric.
It is on my TAST sampler. I have used one strand silk floss.
I am from the quilt world and have not much embroidered before.

20 June 2007

First anniversary

Today is the first anniversary of my blog.
When I started a year ago I didn't have an idea that it should become an important thing in my CQ hobby.
The contacts with all of you and the response trough the blog is wonderful.
And thank you for leaving a comment if you have time to do that.
It makes a blog more fun as one knows that somewhere are people who read what you do.
It keeps me going and publishing :)

16 June 2007

TAST week 24, french knot

The french knot on the last seam on my Victorian roses CQ.
French knots with DMC perle 5.
Wisteria and Delphinium made from french knots.
A wool atc with french knots made with 6 strands DMC floss.

13 June 2007

received atc's

I have received those paper atc's last week. All very nice and so different.

fabric atc's

Those fabric atc's are made for trading. Most of them have already found a new home.

11 June 2007

Heart Quilt

First all the hearts on the normal way, reverse applique and after that feather stitch with Sassa Lynne Jumbo perle fine thread, color Hampshire clay.
Detail photo from the quilt top. You can click on the photos to enlarge.

The quilt top is ready. 112 x 132 cm. 44,8 x 52,8 inch.

I have made a quilt top from a part of the hearts I have swapped during the last year.
I have added two hearts made by myself.

First I have reverse appliqued the hearts with normal sewing thread. After that I have done a feather stitch on top to make it stronger.

This quilt is for a little girl, about 5, 6, years old.

I didn't use the hearts with SRE on it, because I think it will be disappointing when you get a quilt and it becomes damaged after very short time in use.

In the USA there is an organisation founded by Sue Nebeker which collect quilt for soldiers who come back, wounded, from a war.

But also she collect quilts for children who lost their daddy in a war, f.e. in Iraq.
This organisation will finish this quilt with batting, binding and quilting.

To make a point: I am against any war ! and special the Iraq war.

But all those children without a dad in the future deserve a comfort quilt.

I really hope that this quilt with all the butterflies on it and a butterfly border will give a little girl a little comfort in her sad and sorrow days.

09 June 2007

Tast week 23, wheatear stitch

This is on my TAST sampler with Sassa Lynne thread Jumbo perle fine, color blue spruce.
This is on a CQ block, DMC perle 5.
This is my try of the stitch of this week in a free form. A wool felt atc with 2 strands of silk floss premium from Vikky Clayton, leaves and beads. The chain stitch and the border with Jumbo perle fine color Hampshire clay.

07 June 2007

received atc's

Last week I received those atc cards.
# 1 and 2 from Lauren, USA and # 3 from Dianne AUS.
I am very happy with those little pieces of art.
Every atc I receive is more beautiful in real as on the photos when I chose them.
Thank you ladies for this trade.
I have to make new ones myself next week, my custumers run out of choice ;)))

06 June 2007

DYB RR block for Wilma

This is Wilma's block in the DYB RR from a group I am in.
Wilma has a theme "Joane of Arc".
She sewed very light blocks with a picture from an old French postcard in the centre.
She asked us to keep the blocks light or tone in tone, all beige or a bit pastel.
Joane of Arc had chosen the French lily ( Fleur de Lis) as symbol for freedom.
I did that with lasts week TAST stitch.
I also embroidered the word Liberte, which means freedom.
I hope that Wilma likes her block.
It goes with the other five on their way to Finland now.

02 June 2007

TAST, satin stitch

This weeks stitch was the Satin stitch.
It should be one of the easiest stitches, but I found it rather difficult to get it neat.
The one of the variegated thread is made on my tast sampler and the France lily is made on a DYB block from a quilt friend who has the theme of Joane of Arc.
I have used white and grey cotton embroider 16 DMC.

01 June 2007

more atc's

Those atc's have I made a few weeks ago. They all found a new home very quick !
The day I published them on the Flickr. page they were gone for trade.
But I've got very nice little pieces of art in return as you can see below.