06 June 2007

DYB RR block for Wilma

This is Wilma's block in the DYB RR from a group I am in.
Wilma has a theme "Joane of Arc".
She sewed very light blocks with a picture from an old French postcard in the centre.
She asked us to keep the blocks light or tone in tone, all beige or a bit pastel.
Joane of Arc had chosen the French lily ( Fleur de Lis) as symbol for freedom.
I did that with lasts week TAST stitch.
I also embroidered the word Liberte, which means freedom.
I hope that Wilma likes her block.
It goes with the other five on their way to Finland now.


corina said...

Lovely, I can "see" it is your work!

Gerry said...

As always, Ati...It's just beautiful!

Charlene said...

Ati, such lovely work you always do.

Waltraud said...

So beautiful!

Doreen G said...

Beautiful Ati I love the pastel tones.

JK said...

Oh this looks fabulous on this block Ati! Once again, and as always beautiful work darlin.

Thanks for the Happy Birthday, and visiting my blog!!

Susan said...

As always, I love all your work. There's not a thing on this block that isn't just beautiful and well-done. I love the lace on the bottom left, and the flowers, your cursive on the word Liberte. Just wonderful!

What's the stitch on the seam on the upper right? I can't see it as well as I want to, and it didn't enlarge when I clicked on it. Wonderful, wonderful block!

BöskeZ said...

Wonderful and smart block!
You made a beautiful work with this block!