01 June 2007

more atc's

Those atc's have I made a few weeks ago. They all found a new home very quick !
The day I published them on the Flickr. page they were gone for trade.
But I've got very nice little pieces of art in return as you can see below.


JK said...

Hey Sweet Thing! These are too cute!! Goodness you whip these up quickly!

Also hon thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comments!

Susan said...

Those are just as cute as they can be. Was there an underwater theme on these?

Vivienne said...

Hello Ati,
I love your blog and have added your address as a link in my own blog. I want to come here and visit again.
Thankyou for posting the lovely photos.
Viv in West Oz

Lin Moon said...

You are so busy making these ATCs! They are all so cool! How does it work that people "snatch" them so quickly? When someone says they want one, do you see what you will get in return, or are you just surprised? Do you go "shopping" for ATCs like the people who look at yours?
Wondering how it all works....
Lin Moon