07 June 2007

received atc's

Last week I received those atc cards.
# 1 and 2 from Lauren, USA and # 3 from Dianne AUS.
I am very happy with those little pieces of art.
Every atc I receive is more beautiful in real as on the photos when I chose them.
Thank you ladies for this trade.
I have to make new ones myself next week, my custumers run out of choice ;)))


Susan said...

You keep tempting me to do these! I love the ones you received this week, and can hardly wait to see your next ones. I just know I'm going to give in by the end of summer!

Corina said...

I can see why you are happy!

laplandyellow said...

ze zijn geweldig!!een aanwinst voor je verzameling.

Gerry said...

They truly are pieces of art. What are you doing with all of them? A scrapbook, maybe????