16 June 2007

TAST week 24, french knot

The french knot on the last seam on my Victorian roses CQ.
French knots with DMC perle 5.
Wisteria and Delphinium made from french knots.
A wool atc with french knots made with 6 strands DMC floss.


Elizabeth said...

Your examples of French knots are beautiful. Such a nice variety, too!

Micki said...

These are all lovely. I love your wisteria and the ATC.

Charlene said...

Lovely, as usual, Ati. I love the Wisteria and Delphinium!

Susan said...

I always love a picture of something beautiful, and that's what I can be sure to find here. You have used French Knots in so many ways, and they all look good!

crazyQstitcher said...

Your French knos all look so pretty and neat Ati. I love the house and garden.

Your postcards are relly beautiful and such a warm colour to use. Happy the new owners.

katiejayinpa said...

oh Ati...your work is always so magical! and the felted postcard with the french knots is a lovely little meander through a field ...so nice to see it.

JK said...

Hellooo lovely lady! Awe hon I am in love with that picture and the Wisteria! I love your stitches, always, always so delicate. You have given me such inspiration with that picture!

Also, thank you for your lovely words on Nefertiti. She was a lot of fun make.

Anonymous said...

Your ATC's are always inspirational Ati! And the heart quilt is lovely, lucky girl receiveing it :-)) Jaki

Quilterin said...

Ati, I love the block with the wistera. That`s really wonderful!!
Tell me, is the house a fabric or did you make your own print?

catharinas-love said...

Ja ik wil best ruilen met je ;o))
Je moet alleen even een paar weekjes op de ruil wachten want wij gaan overmorgen met ons "Kipje" op stap naar Denemarken .
Neem wel veel hobby spullen mee dus na de vakantie is er vast wat te ruilen .
Deze vind ik in ieder geval heel erg mooi !!!
Hoeveel wil jij er ruilen , is 3 om 3 een goed idee ?
Ik hoor wel van je .
Lieve groeten van Rini .